The Nobel Effect

Within the boundaries of Ludington, three populations coexist in a battle of wit and technological advancement: The Prestige, who enjoy their accumulated wealth under the protection of their hired Guardians; Affinity, the government organization that investigates their corrupt practices; and the Commonwealth, the city’s inhabitants whom Affinity is sworn to protect.

Seventeen-year-old Agent Riley Kendall has just killed a Guardian in self-defense during a routine assignment for Affinity. This altercation triggers her as a Noble, a condition that torments her with imaginary voices and violent hallucinations. During her very next assignment, her Nobility is exposed again with even deadlier consequences. After her worsening symptoms are treated, she agrees to help Affinity bring justice against those responsible for devastating her life and the lives of the Commonwealth. But Affinity’s methods of serving justice soon begin to blur the lines of morality, and Riley must decide who she can actually trust in the world—and how long she will allow Affinity to control her.

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